Incredibly Annoying Food Songs


Our staff at Fork in the Road has been busy the last few weeks evaluating youtubes, seeking to find not the best and most uplifiting, but the very most annoying songs about food. Songs that make you grit your teeth, then make you laugh, turn your computer off, and take a walk outside in the sunshine.


This youtube about toast is annoying for so many reasons, we won’t bother to list them all, but note how your tiny computer speaker crackles and nearly breaks each time the guy yells into the mike, and the ultra-annoying laugh track, which sounds like a sadistic dentist has pumped nitrous oxide into the waiting room.

Gummy Bear Video

This gummy bear video is so annoying, has disabled our ability to embed it. See if you don’t nearly vomit when the little critter shows us his butt crack, and then starts shaking it, or when we see him beaming from the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Is nothing sacred?

In fact, the Gummy Bear Song has spawned a series of parodies, just as annoying in their own way as the original. At least this one features a gummy bear gnawing his leg off.

Fork in the Road disclaimer: Gummy bears are not vegetarian! They contain meat renderings that may contain prions, which cause mad cow disease. If the gummy bear videos cause you to run out and eat some gummy bears, we refuse to be held responsible for the consequences.

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