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Make-Believe Boomlet for “Freedom Tower” Fails


The Times notes that the local tabs and Pataki have been bitching about the Port Authority’s switch from “Freedom Tower” to “1 World Trade Center,” and say “The ‘Freedom Tower’ Name Roars Back.” That’ll show people who think the Times is liberal! But we notice that even the professional outrage artists of the right-blogosphere haven’t caught up with this yet — surely not as quickly as they rallied to the cause of that poor AIG guy. A couple of nuts do the usual war-whoops — Protein Wisdom says “New York wants to make nice and be Politically Correct,” 4th ST8 says it was changed because Freedom Tower “might offend those who don’t like freedom,” quotes Orwell, etc. — but mostly it’s crickets. The Bosque mischievously asks “Where’s the Outrage?” and wonders why Fox News hasn’t raised a ruckus. Why, even Toby Keith is silent. See? They told us if we elected that black Muslim guy we’d go all commie. Weep, eagle, weep!


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