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Slain Radio Guy’s Tale Spotlights The Dangers of Hooking Up


As you know, ex WABC radio personality George Weber was recently killed by a 16-year-old whack job who answered his ad for rough sex. I don’t think George wanted it that rough. But the whole sad, sordid saga has brought attention to the dangers of in-house hookups with people you don’t know, something I wrote about recently when examining why I was smart not to bring a couple of psycho strangers (separately) over to my luxury co-op. Even if they weren’t going to off me, it’s possible they would have made weird noises or mussed my carpet.

I want you to all be careful, based on this unsavory tale–though I’m guessing you already know that. If that’s the case, and you have a personal story to back it up, please spill. Have YOU ever had a hookup where you started covertly putting your finger on the speed dial for 911? Did YOU ever start to wonder how, in the middle of “rough sex,” you would manage to climb out the ninth floor window ledge, return to safety, and spin it to your partner?

Let’s avoid more trivial horror stories, like when the hookup said they look like “Arnold in his prime” and it turned out what they meant was Arnold the pig from Green Acres.

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