Week in Review: A Night in a Camper Without a Pillow or Blanket


In the week some of us returned bedraggled and red-eyed from SXSW and some of us returned bedraggled and red-eyed from all the weed people were blazing at that Morrissey show, we couldn’t quite stop listening to that Micachu record.

FYI: The Cool Kids will not tolerate you naming your indie-rock act Teenage Cool Kids. Or otherwise interfering in their unrelenting music industry ascent. Boy Crisis’ “L’Homme” is still not a good look. And Jay McInerney will not take your slander of New York lightly.

The Allman Brothers played the Beacon, The Prodigy tore it down at Roseland, and Woodstock may well someday attempt to tear it down in our very own Prospect Park. Josh Schwartz talked Rockville; Ladyhawke talked foreign countries.

Meanwhile, back on our soil: American Idol Top 10 Results: The Live-Blog.

We went to Asher Roth’s listening party, then listened to Raekwon and Jadakiss rap over Rush. Redman and Method Man are back, again, and so are Arcade Fire and Where the Wild Things Are. Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr. returned as well, for that matter, as did Mary Gaitskill.

Plus, High Places on Daytrotter, Björk in NYC, Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children, Wags Review, Jay Rock, M.I.A., and 1992009 at D’Amelio Terras. Oh yeah, and Blenderhug a rock critic. We could all use the contact right about now.

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