Christopher Hitchens Calls Mos Def “Mr. Definitely” on Bill Maher


One of the things most entertaining slash most infuriating about rappers straying, whether intentionally or otherwise, onto political talk shows is the inability of their hosts and fellow guests to call them by their given names. Hence a smirking Dennis Miller calling Young Jeezy both “Emphysema” and “Little Weezy” as a cackling Bill O’Reilly looks on. Next up? A scotch-quaffing Christopher Hitchens interrupting a spirited debate on nuclear proliferation with Salman Rushdie, Bill Maher, and Mos Def to ask the rapper if he can call him “Mr. Definitely,” which at least is satirical attempt to provide the man with an extra honorific, rather than, say, comparing him to a sad and occasionally deadly disease. It’s certainly no worse than Mos Def’s own riff on Obama taking your daughters, legalizing weed, and making every day casual Monday. Bonus: Rushdie celebrating the demise of the famous banker practice known as “spraying clubs with bottles of Cristal.”

Second video below.

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