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Coney: New Dig, Times Dis, Cyclone Opens Sunday


Kinetic Carnival looks at Joe Sitt’s big dig at Stillwell Avenue and the Boardwalk at Coney Island and wonders what’s up. Captain Nemo’s readers speculate: new supports for the Boardwalk? Tents? A “Dream Land Amusement Park” is announced by lamppost sign for part of the blighted property. Gowanus’ Bell House hosts a Fight For Your Right to Coney event Tuesday. The Times‘ City Blog drops a nasty note about “a certain type of New Yorker” who “would be thoroughly pleased to drink a beer at Rudy’s and smell the dead pigeons washed up on the strand beneath the boardwalk.” (They mean Ruby’s.) And the Cyclone opens for business, complete with Marty Markowitz egg-cream christening, on Sunday. Image (cc) Dietrich.


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