Mets-Bloggers Visit, Approve Citi Field


The St. John’s baseball team played Georgetown this weekend, and the game drew more attention than it might have otherwise because it was played at the Mets’ new home, Citi Field. Good ol’ John Franco, a St. John’s alum, threw out the first ball. “Let me tell you straight up,” says Metsopolis, “you will not be able to find anyone who does not like this new stadium. It’s just beautiful.” He found the food “prices were outrageous, but in line with Shea,” and while his burger was substandard, “the fries were great.” He also approved the children’s wiffleball field and batting cages. Amazin’ Avenue was less sanguine, finding the park “‘impressive, to be sure, if pretty similar to Nationals Park, PNC Park, Camden Yards, etc.” But he liked it, and liked the Hershey’s Dunk Tank beyond the wall in center field: “I wouldn’t mind volunteering for duty during a 90+ degree weekend game.”

Faith and Fear in Flushing was amazed to receive a friendly greeting from the staff: “Not ‘that bag is an inch too big, so take it back to your nonexistent car or hide it in a bush.’ Not ‘BAGS OUT!’ Not the vacuum created by surly silence. It was a greeting (I paraphrased a bit, as I was shocked), one that sounded genuine.” He also liked the Shake Shack burgers, roomier seats, better views — in short, “night-and-day different than Shea’s.” The Kranepool Society had but one cavil: “I’m glad to see that there are MURPHY 28 t-shirts at the Team Store, but why no PELFREY 34?” Georgetown beat St. John’s, 6-4. Photo via Amazin’ Avenue.



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