New, Free Bob Dylan MP3! Typing That Doesn’t Feel Weird at All!


Scoot on over to and avail thyself of “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’,” the first track to emerge from his imminent Together Through Life, due out April 28. (The free download is conveniently offered as a zip file, should your computer be really temperamental.) At first blush it’s a pleasingly loose affair, the horns just a shade drunken-sounding, the drums appealingly overbearing. As accompaniment Bob’s site also offers a 10-page interview (hey, we all need the clicks) with questions like “Say you wake up in a hotel room in Wichita and look out the window. A little girl is walking along the train tracks dragging a big statue of Buddha in a wooden wagon with a three-legged dog following behind. Do you reach for your guitar or your drawing pad?” You’ll be happy to know that Bob gives this a lot of thought.