“Obama is a Fascist” Watch Continues


After Obama fired the General Motors CEO, we predicted rightbloggers would take to calling him a fascist. And we were right!

Now, to follow up — fascism and related accusations since lunch:

“[Bill Maher] can’t even see that FASCISM is right under his nose, under the name of Barack HUSSEIN Obama” — The Mad Jewess. “Like any good fascist, Obama is very careful to say the exact opposite of what he really means” — Abu Wabu. “This is fascism” — Publius.

“I’m certain there were similar attitudes in Germany when the Nazis took over,” declares 84rules, before sealing the deal with some scholarship: “In fact, having read Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William L. Shirer, I am absolutely sure that such attitudes existed.”

But could they be wrong? By which, of course, we mean: could Obama be a socialist instead? “That Socialist weasel, Barack Obama, is hiring and firing over at GM” — Political Waves. “The first victim of Obama’s socialist regime has been identified” — Common Sense Conservatism. “Obama is in the process of laying down the foundation for a socialist take over,” says Right Think with Rivka, who admits “this is unbelievable and is happening a lot faster than I thought it would.” Why, she hasn’t even had time to lay up the distilled water and survival vittles yet.

“A socialist dictator; certainly not a President,” says Roni Bell. Why can’t he be both?

“The United States of America is now a de facto socialist nation,” proclaims Jay Reding, who adds, “That may seem like hyperbole, but there’s more than enough evidence to suggest that it’s true.” He cites Wikipedia.

Or maybe Obama’s running some sort of hybrid — “socialism/communism,” as South Puget Sound Libertarian has it? Michigan Blogger disputes this: “Socialism? Nope, We’re Headed To Communism.” But PUMA 08 splits the difference: “national-socialist.” Which is Nazis! It’s like Hitler and Stalin teamed up to fight Captain America!

Other ideas are floated — he’s a Black Liberation Theologian, according to MichNews; Select Sarah Palin for US President tells us “Mr. Obama’s political mentor, Saul Alinsky, advised the use of any and all means necessary to take power in America,” which we guess would make him a traditional American politician; Silverwolf decrees him a Mercantilist — but on average, we think rightbloggers will agree that Obama combines the worst attributes of Hitler, Stalin, Satan, and Dan Rather. Weep, eagle, weep!