Another Food Scare: Now it’s Pistachios


More fodder for those who believe the FDA needs a total overhaul–another food recall! This time, it’s pistachios. The recall involves one million pounds of the nuts, possibly contaminated with salmonella, produced by Setton Pistachios in California. The FDA recommends avoiding all pistachios and pistachio products.

These food recalls always make me think of something Michael Pollan writes in The Omnivore’s Dilemma: If our food distribution system involved many smaller producers that served their immediate areas, instead of one enormous pistachio grower in CA distributing to the entire country, these food scares would be much more contained. In other words, if a spinach farmer who only distributes to the tri-state area has a salmonella problem, only spinach-eaters in the tri-state area should be concerned. As it is, it seems like a big percentage of all our foods come from a handful of gigantic producers. If one of them has a contamination, it becomes a country-wide problem.

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