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Are Positive Stereotypes Bad Too?


Stereotypes are a terrible idea because they lump together vast, diverse groups via gross exaggeration, providing an easy reflex for the slow-witted to reference rather than forcing them to deal with everyone as individuals. But how about when it’s a positive stereotype? Should we still march in the streets and scream in protest when a flattering cliche is blanketly applied to a minority group?

Should we cringe and wave our p.c. flags on high whenever someone asserts that:

*Gays are well coordinated and excel at any form of design?

*Blacks can dance?

*Jews have terrific business acumen and are properly aggressive in the workplace?

*Asians are neat and keep tidy to-do lists?

*Women are extra sensitive?

I say yes! Fight back! Even a nice stereotype is still a reduction of a mass of people to a very limiting idea. It can be used to put all of us in a box rather than view us as folks with minds and styles of our own. So don’t tell ME I have good taste, honey. I’ll tell you to eat a pile of dogshit!

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