Booze News: Drowning Our Sorrows


The burst of the wine bubble is obvious at this year’s tastings of the 2008 Bordeaux vintages, where the prices for wine futures have dwindled. With no possibility of a winemaker bailout, the industry must adapt.
[NY Times]

Utah has repealed two drinking laws that were unique to the state. Bartenders can now serve cocktails directly over the bar rather having to walk around it, and customers no longer have to fill out an application and pay a fee to enter a bar as of July 1.
[Dowd on Drinks]

A number of bars and restaurants have reported an increase in liquor sales, even as overall business has gone down. To capitalize on the trend, many have extended happy hours and introduced drink specials as even greater incentive to hit the bar.

Yet another iPhone drinks app is making the rounds. Cocktails Made Easy allows you to enter each ingredient currently found in your home bar, then comes up with the drinks you could make with the spirits you have on hand. Neat, huh?
[Pegu Blog]

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