Grilled Cheese Contest at Artisanal


Since there is an endless amount of enthusiasm for cook-offs revolving around homey dishes  (Bacon Takedown, Casserole Party, et al), we thought we should draw your attention to the fact that Artisanal is running a grilled cheese contest. Come up with your best shot, and post the recipe on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The awe-inspiring judging panel will include Artisanal’s executive chef, Terrance Brennan, Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert, The Feedbag‘s Josh Ozersky, Epicurious‘ editor in chief, Tanya Wenman Steel, and Rob Kaufelt, the owner of Murray’s Cheese. (Eric Ripert judging grilled cheese? Wowsers.)

The sandwiches will be judged on “taste, texture and originality,” and the creator of the winning grilled cheese will get a dinner for two at Artisanal, a gift basket of cheese, and will have their grilled cheese put on Artisanal’s menu. But remember! “The winner is not entitled to revenue derived from sale of the sandwich.” So don’t get any funny ideas, capiche?

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