Is Susan Sarandon The Humblest Star on Broadway?


Currently costarring on Broadway in the Ionesco play Exit The King, Susan Sarandon took the sly route with her bio in the Playbill. Here it is in its entirety:

“Susan Sarandon is a mother, actor, and activist. She is very happy to be returning to Broadway for the first time since she appeared in the 1972 production of Gore Vidal‘s An Evening With Richard Nixon.”

And that’s it!

You have to love the fact that Susan leaves out her Academy Award, her string of nominations, her conquering of all media, her world fame, and her really good looks. While evey other actor on earth generally seizes this opportunity to gloat about every possible credit–“Frank Smith debuted as the third nun from the left in his elementary school’s very well received production of The Sound of Music–Susan takes the modest and direct approach, simply stating her one other Broadway credit and getting out of the way.

It’s extremely cute–but so not me. I would definitely include my Oscar!

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