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NY-20 Election Today


Today’s that special election in New York’s 20th Congressional District between Scott Murphy (D) and Jim Tedisco (R) for Kirsten Gillibrand’s old seat. We encourage all eligible citizens to write in Eric Sundwall (pictured), the Libertarian who was kicked off the ballot by Tedisco supporters (including the peculiar Don Neddo) at the last minute. Speaking of the last minute, overseas voters, your vote counts! You can mosey to the post office any old time so long as your ballot is received by April 13.

The race is said to have national implications; the combatants have insisted that they only wish to serve the needs of their district, but in the last ditch they’ve taken a different tack, with recent Tedisco ads featuring Osama bin Laden and a late Murphy flyer featuring Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush. National Review admits that Murphy’s most recent polling lead looks bad for the Republicans, but insists that “it’s a special election, so the traditional turnout models don’t apply — as former Democratic congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana learned last year.” Of course Jefferson was caught with 90 grand in bribe money in his freezer, a scandal unmatched in this election — though the millions spent on a by-election may itself constitute a scandal, seen a certain way.



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