Post Bemoans New Taxes on “Joes,” “Well-Offs,” and “Single Guy”


From the department of ICWUDT: the Post howls in outrage at the new state taxes to be suffered by three specific classes of New Yorkers: the “Average Joes,” the “Well-Off Family,” and the “Single Guy.” They make their best case for the Joes, first by putting a picture of black people in their graph, then by laying out their damage on an income of $95K a year — which might worry their advertisers, as the Center for an Urban Future had already pegged a middle-class income for city residents at $123,322. They also include the promised new price of MetroCards, which for the moment is still the MTA’s fault — by far the Joes’ biggest uptick, at an extra $528 a year. The Joes nonetheless get docked more on plenty else (including phone and utility bills) for a total of $868.24 in new NYS taxes.

Post readers may or may not weep for the Well-Offs — whose $450,000 income and correspondingly higher marginal rate socks them with $5,123.30, including a interestingly lower number of taxed wine bottles than the Joes, which adds 70 cents a year to their total — and $110K-a-year The Single Guy, whose taxes on “two 12-packs of beer per week” ($3.12) and a monthly cigar ($27) swells his new bill by $336.72.

The Post amplifies the outrage with a quote from the Manhattan Institute, the news that “many business groups were outraged with the budget,” and a separate column from excitable political correspondent Fred Dicker, who lashes out at unions, “the leftist Working Families Party,” and the “Kremlin-like secrecy” of the Albany Demcrats’ “troika,” and a prediction of a return to “the destructive days of John Lindsay, Abe Beame and Nelson Rockefeller.” The web version is sadly unaccompanied by video of a city in flames, or by an explanation of how our condition could be improved by magic Reagan beans or a Republican alternative NYS budget — though that would have been difficult, since no such creature exists; still, they might have supplied the National Republicans famous no-numbers alterna-budge as a blueprint.


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