Spices Have Salmonella Too


In other recall news, the Lian How brand of spices has asked restaurants to return their pepper products after 42 people in four states became sick from salmonella poisoning. Other potentially affected products include the brand’s paprika, onion powder and other ground spices.
[SF Chronicle]

A German study has found that introducing water fountains in schools, as well as distributing water bottles to students and teaching them about the health benefits of H20 may reduce children’s risk of becoming overweight.
[NY Times]

Fish oil, however, is surprisingly not as beneficial as previously thought. A Florida study found that omega-3 fatty acids-rich fish oils did not help heart attack patients prevent another cardiac episode.

Pork Magazine has responded to the National Cancer Institute’s study that found meat officially unhealthy. The data was allegedly collected from questionnaires asking people to remember what they ate over the previous 12 months, says Pork, which is unreliable.
[Pork Magazine]


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