This Week’s Voice: Micachu & the Shapes, Rihanna vs. Chris Brown, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Adventureland, and More


In this week’s Village Voice Music Section, Rob Harvilla on the gleeful, disarming, inscrutable dissonance of Micachu & the Shapes.

Raquel Cepeda talks to teens grappling with Rihanna vs. Chris Brown.

Theon Weber on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Blitz, a record finally worthy of the band’s image.

In Film, J. Hoberman is charmed by Sergei Dvortsevoy’s Kazakhstan epic, absurd Tulpan. Plus, a Cine Phile on the Nagisa Oshima retrospective at BAM.

Scott Foundas returns to the summer of our ’80s youth with Greg Mottola’s Adventureland.

Melissa Anderson on the neo- non- sports flick Sugar.

Plus reviews of Fast & Furious, Lifelines, and Gigantic.

In Art, Martha Schwendener reviews ‘Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West‘ at MOMA.

In Books, Eli Epstein-Deutsch on Andrei Codrescu’s The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess.

In Theater, Michael Feingold says acting fleshes out God of Carnage, but even stars can’t animate Impressionism or Exit the King.

Alexis Soloski at Rambo Solo and Hamlet.

Plus reviews of People Without History and A Slight Headache.

In Dance, Deborah Jowitt takes in the Feld Ballet Tech at the Joyce Theater.

Plus Michael Musto on gay Jim Carrey, Ask A Mexican!, and more…

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