Choice Eats: Dirt Candy’s Behind the Scenes Account


Over at the Dirt Candy website, owner Amanda Cohen takes you through the Choice Eats experience from the restaurateur’s point of view. First of all, Cohen and gang order 11 cases of portobellos for their portobello mousse (one of the biggest hits of the night). Only one case arrives. Madness ensues. All the mushrooms finally arrive. At the event, they give out all 850 servings of the mousse in one hour. The full account, here.

An interesting note: the restaurants are told to bring 500 servings of their dish, which makes sense, because there is absolutely no way that all 2,000 people are going to eat at every table. If everyone brought 2,000 servings, there would be tons and tons of leftovers, which would be a waste. The issue is, there are certain restaurants that everyone does want to hit. So Momofuku Milk Bar brings 500 cookies, but pretty much every single one of the first 500 people in the door grab a cookie, and the next 1,500 people are out of luck. Same goes for Dirt Candy and their delicious mousse.

In any case, we’re so happy that so many people came and enjoyed themselves…and if some restaurants ran out, there was always the other 50 continuing to hand out amazing food.


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