Choice Eats: Memories of a Food Coma


Last night’s Choice Eats tasting event went off smashingly, if we don’t say so ourselves. Yes, it was crowded, but that’s unavoidable given the allure of tasting food from 56 restaurants, representing 37 different cuisines. These restaurants are scattered across all five boroughs, so having them all in one place was a thrill. Plus, there was plenty of booze.

Here’s a look at what others thought.

Serious Eats thought the crowd was nuts, but liked Baoguette’s banh mi and Cafe Glechik’s desserts

Midtown Lunch laments the fact that Margon Restaurant was the only midtown respresentative, also enjoys Cheburechnaya and Tortilleria Nixtamal

Joe DiStefano, writing for The Feedbag, loved Sheep Station’s lamb sandwich, Porchetta’s porchetta and Dirt Candy’s portobello mousse

Shelbs and Cheese has a comprehensive run-down, including hits and misses. Big miss: Mama’s Food Shop’s mac and cheese. Big hit: Dirt Candy’s portobello mousse.

Kathy at A Passion for Food reportedly got around to every one of the 56 tables! She liked Peaches Market’s short ribs with grits and No. 7’s vanilla pudding with miso bananas.

Blondie and Brownie loved Motorino’s bomblonis and Kampuchea’s five-spice chicken wings


Plus, B and B have a comprehensive slide show of the event on Flickr

Eat and Greet reports four tums consumed this morning, possibly brought on by an especially spicy banh mi at Baoguette.

One Yelper imagines that Choice Eats is similar to “inner city Mumbai” or at least Macy’s at Christmas

Our own Runnin’ Scared blog pronounces the event both packed and delicious

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