The bastion of all-things-indie-rock, Pitchfork may seem like an unlikely source for extreme metal. (Note: This is the harsh stuff, not your grandma’s hair metal of yesteryear!) But Brandon Stosuy, of the Pitchfork metal column “Show No Mercy,” has been providing the city with some eclectic, forward-thinking bookings, and here’s another: Headliners Genghis Tron double-dip blasting, screaming grindcore into vats of electro keyb-driven bleeps, blurts, and atmospherics; the sky-scraping tunes of Brooklyn faves Tombs are an amalgam of Mastodonian post-rocked metal and Am Rep–styled noise; Black Anvil’s groove-oriented black metal (Immortal meets Watain) is some of the finest in the U.S.; and Wetnurse throw it all in the kitchen sink (arty Slint-like bits, death-jazz-whatsits, and sideways metalcore) and forget to tell ya ’bout the knives hidden underneath.

Sun., April 12, 8 p.m., 2009