Fork in the Road Shacks Up


So far, the critical word on Butcher Bay, a mid-Atlantic-style seafood “shack” has been pretty bad. In my mind, it’s a mixed bag (the fried chicken was greasy, for one thing), but a worthwhile mixed bag.

For one thing, the lobster pot pie is mind-bendingly good–if you like Maine lobster, cream sauce and puff pastry this dish will make you happy. For another thing, the Chesapeake oysters and raw clams are beautiful, and the fried haddock in the fish and chips sports a craggy-crunchy, totally greaseless crust. I also thought the oyster chowder was nearly perfect.

Obviously, a seafood shack in the city is never going to capture the magic of a paper plate of fried clams on the beach. Still, sometimes you just crave good fried fish, nothing fancy, and Butcher Bay delivers it, at reasonable prices.

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Butcher Bay
511 East 5th Street, 212-260-1333



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