Oh boy! A new candy bar named after an iconic Japanese dormant volcano (click to erupt). Note that the Lafayette stop on the C has also been inadvertently renamed.

Am I the only one annoyed by the relentless advertising campaign being waged in entire subway cars and on subway billboards by the totally sub-par Snickers candy empire? Yes I know it was invented in 1930, named after a horse, and represents the largest selling candy bar in the world. And yes, I instantly recognized the shape of the faux logo and the lettering, and knew just what they were talking about. But even as a kid I knew that Snickers was an inferior product to be abhorred, especially when tossed in its “fun size” into Halloween goody bags. Peanuts are not nuts! I want almonds or filberts in my candy bar!

And perhaps the same seething brains that thought up the inferior puns we are now being pelted with also came up with this homophobic half-time commercial: