Guess How To Shock Broadway?


Have you ever seen Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, the 1967 film with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn as well to-do parents of a girl who brings home kindly Negro Sidney Poitier? The premise was reversed for a 2005 comedy called Guess Who, with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac, but now it’s been un-reversed and made into a Broadway play for a supposed run sometime in the near future.

But won’t the tale of a girl bringing a black guy home to the shock and awe of her folks seem as dated as a musical that doesn’t break the fourth wall? I mean everybody brings black people home nowadays.

I think the only way to make this story fresh is to make it about a son who brings home a trannie. (“She had WHAT cut off?”)

Or a daughter bringing home a person with AIDS. (“Don’t let him use the silverware.”)

Or a son bringing home conjoined twins from TLC. (“You’re a bigamist?”)

Or a daughter bringing home a DVD of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? (“Can you believe this shit?”)

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