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Before French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet did A Very Long Engagement and Amélie and, um, Alien: Resurrection, he co-directed two fantastical cult hits with designer and comic-book artist Marc Caro: 1991’s Delicatessen and 1995’s The City of Lost Children. Tonight, catch a special “Sunshine at Midnight” screening of the latter, which stars Ron Perlman as a circus strongman whose adopted brother is kidnapped by a mad scientist. It’s one of those films we file under “Never Watch This on a Laptop.” The big screen is the only way to fully appreciate Caro and Jeunet’s rich artistic vision, overstuffed with bizarre characters, surreal imagery, and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Parisian underworld fashions that make for one exquisitely dressed cast of circus freaks, street urchins, and villains.

Sat., April 11, midnight; Sun., April 12, midnight, 2009

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