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Our Favorite April Fool’s Day Post So Far | Village Voice


Our Favorite April Fool’s Day Post So Far


“While the Yankees knew they would be without their starting third baseman until mid May, the team received a bombshell just minutes ago when baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced a 50-game suspension for A-Rod this morning.” — River Avenue Blues. We approve the delicate play of what we know should happen against what we know never could happen. Bravo!

We don’t do this sort of thing ourselves, because you know us, we’re all business. We have to say that a lot of the political blog gags we’ve been seeing are about what you’d expect poli-sci nerds to come up with, e.g. “[Texas Congresswoman and incoming Undersecretary of State Ellen] Tauscher to wed bin-Laden.” Bet that got big laffs at the survivalist compound. But this one from Techie Buzz is okay and, given the ridiculous triumphalism of social-media types, The Guardian’s is quite possibly classic.



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