“Ring of Steel” Spycams Proposed for Midtown Traitors’ Nest


Oh great: the panopticon New York has created around Ground Zero may be coming to midtown. If Commissioner Kelly gets his ways and the funds from Homeland Security, thousands of surveillance cameras will be installed the width of Manhattan between 34th and 59th Streets. They’ll be recording your movements, citizen, as well as license plates and whatever else gets in their way, so start practicing your patriotic behavior. The Commish used terms like “ring of steel” and “hardening” to describe the installation, so don’t go parroting the sissy-mary concerns of the ACLU, or the cops will just say they’re red-light cameras and start sending robots to tail you. And forget about sunsetting the Patriot Act, too. Don’t you know there’s an endless war on?

We think if anyone should be stalked, it’s legislators.