Sign of the Times: Author Switches from Sex to Survival Book


Neil Strauss, the former New York Times reporter who gave us books on how to get women into the sack and how to do it like a porn star, is back with a new book. What’s the subject this time? Enlarging your penis? Finding a foreign bride?

No, this time Strauss, who claims he is the world’s greatest pickup artist, has advice on how to stay alive when the world’s coming to an end. His Harper Collins book Emergency, his publicist says, offers survival tips like store a week’s worth of water at home, keep a stock of peanut butter, get friendly with a mechanic, and have your own evacuation plan.

“The survival tips are truly, honest tips that will work in a disaster,” says the publicist, Eddie Garcia in an email message. “The book is a tale of what Neil went through to learn how to survive.”



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