Study: City Restaurants Racist


We like to pride ourselves on how progressive New York is, but a recent study shows that upscale restaurants prefer to hire white male wait staff. Applicants with similar resumes were sent out to apply for jobs over the course of a year; whites were twice as likely to get hired.

Scientists are trying to improve the taste of food for cancer patients following a new study that shows chemotherapy and radiotherapy can damage the senses of taste and smell, which can lead to malnutrition, and even morbidity.
[Science Daily]

Bankers are no longer welcome at Soho House, according to operations director Mark Somen, who claims the club will not renew certain memberships this year as it wishes to return to its “artsy” roots.
[NY Post]

Jelly (Jell-O for Americans) was once regarded as the “pinnacle of sophistication,” say two jelly artists who are trying to revive gelatin’s panache with their elaborate jelly models, such as London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and Millennium Bridge.
[NY Times]

Newsday takes a look back at salmonella and E. coli outbreaks of the past few years, from bagged spinach in 2006 to peanut butter late last year.


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