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Stupid California Taking Over the World


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December 27, 1962, Vol. VIII, No. 10

New York State Is Now No. 2

As of tomorrow, New York becomes the number-two state in the union. That’s what the experts believe. On that day the population of California will surpass that of New York. New Year’s Day will see 17,300,000 people living in the Golden State.

The growth of America’s suburban mentality has clearly helped the growth of California. Southern California is one great big suburb. The rigorous north has ceased to appeal to a fun-loving, 37-hour work-week generation. It is possible to visualize that by the year 2000, 75 per cent of the American people will live in a handful of fun-loving water-washed states. The bleak north will father bleak northern philosophers — Kirkegaards of the future — while in the south the populace will spend most of their 148 leisure hours each week on beaches watching thousands of professional water skiers exercise their talents.

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