Vito Fossella’s Comin’ Back!


He got caught driving drunk and, though married, had a long-term affair with a woman who bore his child. He left Congress in disgrace. But that hasn’t sapped Vito Fossella’s political juice on wide-open Staten Island, baby! When Bloomberg campaigned in the forgotten borough last weekend he appeared with Fossella and told the crowd, “he really did make a difference in his congressional district.” And the Staten Island Advance tells us the ex-Congressman has been making the rounds of political events like the Staten Island GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner. In fact Staten Island Republican crowds have been cheering him throughout his post-disgrace. A guy who saw Fossella on the subway (!) says “he looked trim, tanned, healthy, and dapperly dressed.” There’s even talk of him running for office again. Cynics may say that, when Bob Straniere’s the best your party can do, you can’t be too picky. We say Fossella’s just clearing the way for that big Eliot Spitzer comeback. Photo (cc) davidsilver.