Bad Foreign TV Experiences


As a total whore, I often agree to shoot TV appearances here for film crews visiting from other countries, even though it doesn’t ultimately help my ego since I’ll never get to see the damned things. But I often find that, even in doing these people big favor, I get shafted up the ass big time.

There was that Danish producer who followed me around for a story, taking up lots and lots of my time for several weeks as he trailed me to a dozen events. But suddenly he disappeared midway and never contacted me again! (Not my fault. I was delightful, I swear.)

There was the French crew that had me drag my ass over to a Village cafe for an interview, which turned into a monologue seeing as they never bothered to show up!

Then came the Canadian crew, which begged me to be interviewed about various celebs, fed me the questions in advance, thanked me profusely, and then couldn’t quite seem to get to my house for the appointment! (“Stuck in traffic”).

What is it with foreign TV crews? Are they way more amateurish than their American counterparts? Or is it just that these are low-rent productions regardless of where they’re from?

Please help me think through this because I don’t want to turn into one of those raving old bigots.

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