Hot Doug’s Minimalist John Cage Hot Dogs


Hot Doug’s is the darling of Chicago’s hot dog scene, an untraditional purveryor of tube steaks in a town whose main squeeze, dog–wise, is an intensely red, artificially colored, Vienna Red Hots frank with a catalog of pile-ons that even I can’t remember, and I’m stone cold sober right now. (Let’s see, dill pickle spear, “sports” peppers, cyanide-green pickle relish, grainy mustard, onion, and tomato. What did I forget?)

Anyway, hot dogger Doug Sohn set tongues wagging by offering a minimalist John Cage frank, as reported by the Chicago food blog LTHForum (via

John Cage Hot Dog

In a town ruled by Grant Achatz, was it an April Fools hoax, or an arcane stroke of culinary genius?

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