Many Young Veggies are Anorexic


A study conducted in Minnesota suggests that many young people who claim to be vegetarians actually suffer from eating disorders. Researchers advise parents to talk to their teens about vegetarianism. [LA Times]

Ben & Jerry of ice cream fame have launched a food-tracking campaign. Since the FDA ok’ed the consumption of meat and milk from cloned animals last year, the duo have made it their mission to ensure that people know whether their food comes from clones. [FOX News]

Butcher Jeffrey Ruhalter of Jeffrey’s Meat Market treated 165 unemployed New Yorkers, many of whom were his regular customers, to a juicy New York strip steak from his shop at Lower East Side restaurants Thor and Essex. [NY Daily News]

The River Café blames Olafur Eliasson’s “arborcidal” artwork “New York City Waterfalls” for killing its weeping birches, which have yet to sprout buds as other trees already have. One of the waterfalls was placed directly under the Brooklyn Bridge and spewed saltwater mist onto the trees for three months. [Brooklyn Paper]

Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveler, discovers that Twitter can be used to find restaurant recommendations when traveling… even if it’s only to Lower Manhattan. [NY Times]


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