Next Stadium Boondoggle Lined Up


F.C. New York of the United Soccer League is coming to New York, and you know what that means — another push for a stadium! The new team is starting its 2010 season at Hofstra (“I’ve been to Hofstra for soccer,” says a Washington Post commenter. “Getting there by mass transit made going to Giants Stadium look comparatively easy”), but the team has met with Queens borough president Helen Marshall to discuss development of a new 9,000 seat stadium. Queens Crap saw it coming last year, when the Mets’ Fred Wilpon agitated for a soccer team and stadium to replace Shea. No word yet as to which Queens neighborhood will be muscled and eminent-domained to make way for it, nor what boosterish excuse the city and state will concoct to spend our money on it. Photo (cc) Jamie L. Williams.


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