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NY-20 Post-Election Spin Continues; Both Sides Confident


A voting machine recanvass in the deadlocked Tesdisco-Murphy House race has dropped Murphy’s lead to 12 votes. More such inspections take place tomorrow.

Democrats claim that the absentee and overseas ballots, which have until April 13 to be heard from, will give Murphy a 210-vote margin, based on previous results in the counties that distributed them. Republicans persist in claiming that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. At National Review, heretofore unseen author Hans A. von Spakovsky expresses the first complaint we’ve heard that the Obama Justice Department’s extended deadline for these ballots (which include military ballots, which conservatives always presume will favor their candidates) didn’t go far enough — though Tedisco applauded the DOJ’s action when it was announced, von Spakovsky calls it a “Shameful Disenfranchisement of the Military.”

Michael Barone did a long, painstaking analysis of the unreturned votes before admitting that he has no idea how they’ll turn out.



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