Oscar Winners Storm Broadway


To combat the dull economy, big movie stars have taken over Broadway’s stages, trophy in hand, hoping people will see them in just about anything. And they pretty much will, though some of these stars are offering way more than just reading the phone book.

Their lustrous likes include:

Geoffrey Rush. The Oscar winner for Shine is pretty magnificent in Ionesco’s Exit The King, providing a funny and heartbreaking performance as a disintegrating despot.

Susan Sarandon. On Broadway for the first time in 37 years, SuSu is Rush’s costar, providing decent support as his over-it wife who keeps announcing that he’ll die in 90 minutes. She seems to understand that it’s Geoffrey’s show, but rallies for an end-of-play monologue in which she urges him over life’s cliff.

Jane Fonda. The two-time Oscar winner shines in 33 Variations, playing an ill musicologist researching why the ailing Beethoven seemed so obsessed with the title project. Jane’s so good you wish she had a better play. In fact, you wonder why she’s so obsessed with 33 Variations.

Jeremy Irons. The nimble Brit who won an Oscar for playing Klaus von Bulow is his effortlessly charming self as a photographer who feels life is a serious of snapshots. Alas, this performance is in the creaky Impressionism, which may explain why a few times Irons spoke so unenthusiastically I had no idea what he was saying!

Joan Allen. The multiple Oscar nominee costars with Irons, playing the gallery owner who feels life is a big, old Monet painting. She pushes very hard, coming off rather artifical, but it’s still exciting to see a multiple Oscar nominee with pretty blonde hair.

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