New York

People Don’t Say “I Love You” Enough


I hear all kinds of trivial utterances all day–“Whatever!”; “Duh”; “Newsflash”–but I never seem to hear those three precious words, “I love you.” Is it that hard to break down one’s walls of cynicism and actually say them to someone? To anyone?

You don’t even have to mean it, just say it, for god’s sake. It’ll give the other person a lift that no other assemblage of words can provide (except maybe for “You’ve won the lottery”). Making them feel good will make YOU feel good–it’s the old “good-good” cycle, which feeds on itself in the most delightful way imaginable. And not to sound like some Thornton Wilder character, but we’re only here for a short time and –newsflash–there’s no afterlife, so why not say it while we’re here, while we’re alive and breathing and feeling?

I’m gonna say it right now, so brace yourselves, people. I LOVE YOU! Yes, I love you, anonymous person who’s reading this in the dark. I really love you!!!! And if you love me back, I won’t get out a restraining order.

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