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Rightbloggers Veddy, Veddy Shocked at Obamas’ Gifts to Queen


The President and First Lady were over t’England the other day, and they gave the Queen an iPod loaded with HRH footage and musical comedy scores, and a songbook for The King and I signed by composer Richard Rodgers. Get it? RIghtbloggers, who generally regard Britain as a PC hellhole, nonetheless clutched their pearls that Obama didn’t give the royals the sort of gifts George Bush gave them (such as a miniature replica of a statue from the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Now that’s class!), and one of them didn’t know who Richard Rodgers was.

Also, Michelle gave the Queen a hug, which aul Bess seemed to reciprocate, but which gave her stateside rightwing retainers the vapors. Canadian blogger Kathy Shaidle sniffed, “Doesn’t everybody just automatically KNOW you’re not supposed to touch the Queen?” and followed up with her usual racist bullshit. Actually Americans are accustomed to touch royals with revolutions; maybe next time Obama can give them the sheet music to “The World Turned Upside Down.”

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