Sonic Youth Calm Snakes, Thousands of Chileans


Two early reviews of the new Sonic Youth record, albeit from the same person, rate The Eternal as “fuck. in. maj. or.” and also “GAMAZING,” which is heartening, in an satisfyingly jittery internet squawk kind of manner. Back at the beginning of March, the band’s clever, toy kaleidoscope of an album trailer trickled out: acres of Kim Gordon, lots of guitars, and the hint of a killer song that is hopefully still named “Anti-Orgasm.” Commence blurry YouTube footage, like the clip Stereogum pulled down today of the band playing the awesomely named “Calming the Snake” to a lot of Chileans. Kim sings; the spooky, witchy long vocal at the end is the only moment that quite cuts through the morass of low quality video/audio/bootlegging that is concert footage on the internet, but we are not worried, not even a little.

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