Asher Roth’s “Perfectionist”: Need 2 Set Up A Plan 2 Get Big


Asher Roth’s newest: “Perfectionist,” featuring Beanie Sigel of all unlikely people. Not on the record we heard the other dayillRoots pegs it as an iTunes bonus. For a guy who’s supposedly nothing, content-wise, Asher Roth is an insanely conceptual rapper, if at a weirdly basic level: neither “I Love College” nor “Lark on My Go-Kart” deviate in any way from whatever the song’s “about” (college, playing videogames in the suburbs). Neither does “Perfectionist,” which is concerns working hard in order to succeed in one’s career. How to take this? On the one hand, Roth is the rapper least likely to be distracted by a punchline maybe ever. He’s strictly, almost insanely utilitarian/on-topic–a weird look for a guy who, on the vast rap continuum, has more line-to-line ability than the next man.

On the other hand, give him a worthwhile, non- couch/weed/female-related/suburban topic–say, why no-account Ohio-born white guy rapper Copywrite is even more pathetic than Roth is, no matter how much both of them worship Eminem–and dude’s sort of compelling. Unfortunately, “Perfectionist”–after a couple listens anyway–has all the charm of a guy in a bar telling you his life plans, somewhat bemused verse from Sigel or no. “Sitting on my couch with my head in my hands, I need to think / Think fast, need to set up a plan to get big.” Alright then…[h/t 2DopeBoyz]

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