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Binghamton Update: 14 Dead, Shooter Presumed Among Them


Binghamton authorities held a press conference with the Governor. The number of dead has been confirmed at 14. Four wounded are in critical condition. The police led out 37 people unharmed. Police found a man with “a satchel” whom they presume is the gunman. They can’t be sure but see no reason to assume otherwise pending investigation. The satchel contained two handguns and ammo. Jiverly Voong, the name previously reported, is thought to be his alias, but the man is from Johnson City, where he worked for IBM until he was let go in recent layoffs. The two men who were led away in cuffs are not now suspected of involvement. The police got a 911 call around 9:30 a.m. by a receptionist at the Association who had been shot at her desk; she crawled under it and placed the call from there.



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