Bloomberg Black Outreach Includes Praise for “Calming” Sharpton


The Times tells us that Bloomberg is “mounting an all-out push to win over New York City’s black elected leaders, clergy members and voters” to his third-term reelection campaign. As you may have heard, one of the Mayor’s opponents, Bill Thompson, is black. While some are unreceptive to the Mayor’s overtures (“A disconnected billionaire is not an appealing candidate to black voters,” sniffs assembly member Hakeem Jeffries), Virginia Fields and Calvin Butts sound like they’re at least thinking about it, and others probably will think even harder, as the Mayor is predicted to win and has lots of money and power (as Mayor, too) with which to affect the destinies of supporters and opponents.

A nice example of this outreach was seen in the Daily News, which reports Bloomberg’s warm praise for Al Sharpton. At the NAN Convention which disgusted Wayne Barrett yesterday, the Mayor said that the Reverend had “an awful lot more of a calming influence on the city and helper to the city than most people give him credit for,” and that he was “a Sharpton fan.” Photo Spencer T Tucker via


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 3, 2009

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