How Do You Stay Optimistic?


The house you bought for half a million bucks is now worth a bag of pennies with a pretty bow on top. Your partner dumped you for someone else and you can’t exactly re-enter the dating pool since your best years are as behind you as your shot at the high school bowling championship. The only news you seem to read is grimmer than a pallbearer and the only calls you get are moans of complaint from your old (but never quite letting up) parents. On top of it all, your upstairs neighbor just announced that he’s doing a six-month renovation involving a nonstop parade of buzzsawing and hammering. How do you stay upbeat?

Turn religious?

Convince yourself that it’s still great to be alive?

Resort to food binging, cheap sex, and reckless gambling?

Or just wear a beatific smile and float through it all on lots of meds?

I really want to know because a lot of this has happened to…a friend of mine.

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