Malawi Don’t Preach: Madonna’s Not Keeping Her Baby


Chifundo “Mercy” James will not become Chifundo “Mercy” James Ciccone, as it turns out. A Malawian judge just said no to Madonna’s attempt to pick up the fabulous vintage four-year-old handbag–I mean the fabulous four-year old orphan girl–because the pop superstar hasn’t lived in Malawi long enough. In fact, she hasn’t lived there at all!

And though Madonna may mean well in her quest to beat Angelina at her game of saving the world’s children one babe at a time, the judge feels that making adoption too easy could lead to child trafficking and other nasty things that happen when people nab underprivileged kids for the wrong reasons. (Like publicity?)

As a result, poor Chifundo may have a difficult, impoverished life, but at least she won’t have to watch Body of Evidence over and over again, followed by choruses of “You were brilliant, mommy!”

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