Week in Review: Boom! Woah, What Was That? You Transcend.


In the week we got ourselves a whole new look, we celebrated by staring David Lynch and Kate Moss directly in their awesome, newly expansive faces.

This was a bookish week at SOTC: Brian Evenson soundtracked his novel, Last Days, Jonathan Lethem reintroduced L.J. Davis and his walls of mucus in Park Slope, Ryan Adams acknowledged Albert Einstein, David Letterman, Nas, and the Dalai Lama for inspiration and guidance, Sarah Vowell read to a standing room only crowd at the Brooklyn Public Library, the 33 1/3 shortlist dropped, and Vampire Weekend announced they were playing the next Happy Ending Reading and Music Series. Plus: David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon commencement address, one lonely sentence at a time.

Young Dro rocks diamonds. Jadakiss’ Last Kiss has arrived. Asher Roth has a plan to get big. Cam’ron hopes you’ll spend the night. Tony Yayo was once born in this calendar week. Sonic Youth calm snakes, while Bob Dylan released a new song, and the Mountain Goats allowed a new, sparking bootleg to come hazily into the world. Anamanaguchi covered Wavves’ “So Bored,” and The-Dream danced to “Put It Down.”

Us vs. April Fool’s Day. Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens. Team Robespierre Vs. MTV. Cool Kids vs. Teenage Cool Kids.

Not to mention Willie Geist on the NCAA’s Final Four, Paul Dano on Gigantic, American Idol, and, er, the Grateful Dead. Play them sweetly or unhappily in your head until we return Monday.

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