Wiiging Out With Kristen Wiig


I really enjoy Kristen Wiig, the Saturday Night Live comic who specializes in needy, neurotic, attention-grabbing weirdos who play with their hair and shatter you with their voices. The material Wiig’s given may be uneven, but she’s always willing to take wild chances, from her excitable Target lady to her group therapy name dropper to her nail-filing air traffic controller who’s anything but grounded. I also love Wiig because she manages to play old-time stars like Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, and Gloria Swanson in wacko comedy bits that introduce the kids to the classics. And she does movies too, like the current Adventureland, in which she has a hilarious bit putting eyepatches on her amusement park’s doll prizes because they’ve run out of eyeballs.

I like Kristen Wiig even though I’d requested an interview with her and was swatted off because she was too busy, only to find her in this week’s New York magazine! Well, at least now I know what she was busy doing.

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