Harbinger of Summer–Ralph’s Italian Ices


Did you know that Staten Island’s most distinguished purveyor of ices also has a Brooklyn location? Ralph’s Italian Ices was open for business yesterday, and despite the blustery weather, was doing a brisk business in their signature “water ices” and “milk ices.” The former is like a regular Italian ice, with no dairy products, while the latter is like a slightly creamy Italian ice, but not as rich as ice cream. Ralph’s also sells ice cream, but skip it. Go for the fundamental fruit flavors (like peach, lemon, and watermelon), and ignore the gimmicky sounding ones (like blue hawaii and sour cherry). The chocolate water ice is a surprise favorite. Today (Sunday) promises to be warmer and sunnier. Expect a long line. 357 Graham Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718- 387-0894

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