Eliot Spitzer Campaigns for Governor on Today Show, Addresses Gremlins


Eliot Spitzer went on the Today Show this morning, expressing contrition for his life as a customer of expensive prostitutes, which he called “an egregious violation of my behavior that I fell into for many reasons, but none of them are an excuse or justifiable.” On the self-searching tip, he said his transgressions had “caused excruciating pain to [Spitzer’s wife] Silda, to my daughters, something that I carry with me every day because of the pain to them,” and that “I have tried to address these gremlins and confront them.” In the words of General Buck Turgidson, we’re still trying to figure out the meaning of that last phrase. But we can figure out the pattern: first the column in Slate, then appearances in public and on cable, now self-abnegation and pop culture references on coffee-time TV — Eliot Spitzer’s comin’ back, baby! And with Paterson’s poll numbers in the crapper, nothing stands in the way of Spitzer pulling a Grover Cleveland with two non-consecutive terms and a sex scandal.