Finlandia Mails Out Peel ‘n Lick Samples of Upcoming Tangerine Fusion


On the heels of the Absolut Mango launch, Finlandia has already started gearing up for its new Tangerine Fusion flavor expected to drop in May. The flavored vodka will be available exclusively in duty free shops and is the latest in Finlandia’s line of fruit-flavored vodkas, which includes lime, mango and grapefruit.

Spotted in our mailbox: a peel ‘n lick sample of the new Finlandia Tangerine Fusion, something like a Listerine tab of orangy vodka flavor but containing no alcohol. Move over Scratch ‘n Sniff! This new marketing strategy is being pioneered by First Flavor, whose slogan “Marketing with taste” has won over such brands as Campbell’s, Welch’s and Skyy.

Like its odorous predecessor, the technology is more of a gimmick than a real way to sample new products. The Finlandia Tangerine Fusion tab tasted like chewable Flintstone’s vitamin C and we can only imagine what a tab of Campbell’s soup might taste like. But it’s a fun little surprise to get in the mail and a more cost-effective solution that sending out actual samples of a product. Simply peel, place the tab on your tongue and let it dissolve (and use your imagination). The “flavor rendition” is scientifically engineered, using such ingredients as hydrolyzed cellulose gum, glycerin, citric acid, pullulan, carboxymethyl cellulose, polysorbate 65 and 80 and sucralose, most of which you will not find in the vodka itself.

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